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Dear Entrepreneurs, Industry Members and Bar Owners:

After a decade of owning, consulting, designing and developing nightclubs across the country, in markets including Miami, LA, Phoenix and Las Vegas , I've decided to make my extensive knowledge and experience available to you. As entrepreneurs, industry members and patrons alike, I am certain you will find this book to be enlightening, comprehensive, enjoyable and extremely valuable to your pursuits and aspirations of owning your own bar or nightclub.

Chris Lenahan

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“A must-read Nightclub and Bar book for
anyone in the industry!”

Testimonials by Industry Leaders:

Hello Chris

Hope all is going well and you had a great holiday! I was wondering if you might be available to speak at another one of our seminars that we are putting together. Everyone totally enjoyed listening to you speak at our last event and I think they really seemed to get a lot out of it. With the new year just beginning, wed really like to help pump them up and what better way to do it than with a motivational speaker such as yourself!

- Laurie Bowers
Deja Vu Consulting, Inc.
Hello Chris,

I would like to thank you for the fantastic book which covered almost 60% of my ideas and plans, the other 40% was an eye opener with great details and well researched market.

I read your book straight away after downloading up to 165 pages and it has put a smile on my face for some reason

- Jitendra

I received your e-book yesterday and I’m already halfway through it.

Cheers to you for putting this out. As an aspiring bar owner, I was hooked to your book in the first paragraph. Yes, my self interview begins with "My dream has always been to....".

- Brad

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the "Black Book".

I have scanned through it for now and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for the BLACK BOOK which I think is awesome, Also thanks for the additional form that were send to me, they are really helpful too.

- Mobin
Mr. Lenahan,

I bought your book on-line and finished reading it as soon as I got it. My partner and I are in the beginning stage of choosing a location that if you don't mind to give your opinion.

Your expertise opinion would be appreciated.

- Jack
Dear Mr. Chris,

It is to my knowledge that you are one of the person in this industry who has no comparison. You are a excellent designer, mentor and a perfect complete package in this industry. I am very much willing to get your concepts in this part of the world in order to make you renowned here as well as help me make my project a great success.

I have always had a dream of providing people in this part with the best service they deserve when they are out for some entertainment.

I am very new to this industry so i want a renowned and skilled person like you to help me out with this crisis.

I would look forward to your positive response on this matter.

- Anand

“The Little Black Bar book” GUIDES YOU through THE STEPS of creating your own bar or nightclub, including:

         Business Plans

         Raising Capital

         Market Research


         Choosing the proper location   

         Finding an Attorney

         Lease vs. Own

         Hiring Architects and Consultants

         Working with Contractors

         Bank Accounts and Payroll Accounts

         Drawings and your Contractor

         Getting the keys to the venue


         Beginning Advertising Campaign

         Hiring GM and Key Staff

         Building Department

         Health Department

         Police and Local Alcohol Department Meetings

         Find Management Team

         Setting up your Office


         Finding a Bookkeeper and Accountant

         Create Standard Operating Procedures

         Finalize Legal and License Requirements for Opening

         Source your Distributors and Suppliers

         Source Furniture and Bar Equipment

         Coke vs. Pepsi


         Sound and Lighting

         POS Systems

         Recruit and Hire Staff

         Planning Opening Parties


         Press Releases


         Print Menus

         Equipment Installation and Goods Delivery

         Entertainment and Support Staff

         Order Liquor and Beer

         Construction Finals and Finishing Touches


         Team Member Training

         License Approval

         Team Member Run Though

     Systems Testing




Don’t waste another MINUTE planning your Bar or Nightclub without reading this book!!


Only $19.95 for the eBook


Learn from my experience and the expertise I’ve gained from working with some of the largest, most successful  nightclubs on the Planet:



  • Club Utopia - Las Vegas NV & Scottsdale AZ

  • Club RA - Luxor Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Studio 54  - MGM Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Baby’s - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • House of Blues - Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • House of Blues -  Los Angeles CA

  • C2K - Venetian Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Venus - Venetian Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • RA – Luxor Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Coyote Ugly - New York New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Motown - New York New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Light - Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Bikinis - Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Hush - Polo Towers Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Vamp -  Paris Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Tequila Joe’s - Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Beacher’s Rock House - Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

  • Curve - Aladdin Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Charo Showroom -  Aladdin Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Sevilla Showroom - Aladdin Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Ovation Theater - Aladdin Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

  • Green Valley Ranch Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

  • SRO - Las Vegas NV

  • Glow - Las Vegas NV

  • Sapporo - Las Vegas NV

  • Go Ventures - Los Angeles CA

  • Club Rubber - Orange County CA

  • IVAR - Los  Angeles CA

  • Pussy Cat Lounge - Scottsdale AZ

  • CBNC - Scottsdale AZ

  • Sanctuary - Scottsdale AZ

  • Razor Magazine - Scottsdale AZ

  • Library Bar & Grill - Tempe AZ

  • Freedom - Tempe AZ 

  • On The Rocks - Nashville TN

  • Gravity Lounge - Nashville TN

  • White Party - NYC, NY

  • G-Spot - Miami FL

  • 6 Lounge - Indianapolis IN

  • De La Costa - Chicago IL

  • Escape - Calgary Canada

  • Acceleron Group- Las Vegas NV


Chris Lenahan has become an international success story with numerous magazine and newspaper articles published about projects he has developed/designed and consulted on around the world. In 2001 he was featured in National Design Magazine for his work with the designer of Green Valley Ranch Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Green Valley Ranch



"The Must Have Nightclub and Bar Book"
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Learn How to produce a TURN-KEY Operation from the initial design & concept development, to marketing, training, staffing and day-to-day operations!

Chris Lenahan TEACHES YOU what no one else in the Nightclub business is telling you about the true secrets to owning & operating a truly SUCCESSFUL  Nightclub!

“The Little Black Bar Book” will GUIDE YOU on your EXCITING journey into the Nightclub & Bar Business!   

Only $19.95 for the eBook

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